Our Professional Legal Services in Sydney

briefcase We offer the following legal services to clients, both corporate and individual:

Conveyancing & Property Law

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Litigation & Dispute Resolution

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 Criminal Matters

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Commercial & Corporate Law

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Immigration Law


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Please explore the selections to find out more about the services offered by our firm. Please note that the information presented online is not exhaustive and is provided for general information purposes. Factors that can determine whether legal representation is appropriate for you include whether you are to be involved in legal proceedings, seeking to avoid litigation, or if you are or potentially will be facing legal action from third parties, government agencies or authorities.


Each client and legal issue is unique. We highly encourage you to contact our office by Telephone: (02) 9267 9833 or E-mail: davidkam@davidkamsolicitors.com.au to ensure that you are provided with the most accurate and relevant advice regarding your particular personal or commercial situation.